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Title: Enhancement Method for Invulnerability of Complex Networks based on Node Information Camouflage

Funding agency: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Grant reference: 71371185

Total funding: CNY 580,000

Period: Jan 2014-Dec 2017

PI: Jun Wu

Abstract: Study on invulnerability of complex networks has been the focus of many disciplines due to its broad applications and urgent requirements. Thereinto, study on enhancement methods is the frontier and hot issue. Guided by complex network theory and according to the main task “how to improve the invulnerability of complex networks”, this project proposes the model of invulnerability of complex networks with inaccurate attack information based on the formal description of attack information and measurement of attack information accuracy, investigates analytically the impact of attack information accuracy on the invulnerability of complex networks, and then propose the general optimization model of node information camouflage and presents the optimal camouflage strategies of node information using the intelligent optimization algorithm. Lastly, this project presents the empirical and application researches against the background of tactical communication network. From the perspective of attack information, this project enhance the invulnerability of complex networks by changing the displayed network structure information rather than modifying the network structure itself. It will explore a new way for the enhancement of invulnerability of complex networks and will provide the theoretical and method support for the management of complex networks.