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Title: Optimal disintegration strategy in spatial networks with disintegration circle model

Authors: Ye Deng , Jun Wu*, Mingze Qi, Yue-Jin Tan

Journal: Chaos

Abstract: The problem of network disintegration, such as suppression of an epidemic spread and destabilization of terrorist networks, has broad applications and recently has received increasing attention. In this study, we concentrate on the problem of network disintegration in the spatial network in which the nodes and edges are embedded in space. For such a network, it is crucial to include spatial information in the search for an optimal disintegration strategy. We first carry out an optimization model with multiple disintegration circles in the spatial network and introduce a tabu search to seek the optimal disintegration strategy. We demonstrate that the “best” disintegration strategy can be identified through global searches in the spatial network. The optimal disintegration strategy of the spatial network tends to place the disintegration circles so that they cover more nodes which are closer to the average degree to achieve a more destructive effect. Our understanding of the optimal disintegration strategy in spatial networks may also provide insight into network protection, e.g., identification of the weakest part, which deserves further study.