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Title: Optimal Disintegration Strategy With Heterogeneous Costs in Complex Networks
Authors: Ye Deng, Jun Wu*, Yu Xiao, Meng-Xiang Zhang, Yang Yu, Yang Zhang
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 2020, 50 (8): 2905-2913

Abstract: Recently, research in the field of network disintegration, which includes controlling the spread of disease and collapsing terrorist organizations, has found broad appli- cations and attracted increased attention. In this paper, we focus on the network disintegration with heterogeneous cost, in which there may be unequal disintegration costs associated with deleting different nodes. First, we present a cost model for a disintegration strategy with both cost-sensitive and cost- constraint parameters in complex networks. Then, we propose an optimization model for the disintegration strategy with het- erogeneous cost and introduce the genetic algorithm to identify the optimal disintegration strategy. Extensive experiments in syn- thetic and real-world networks suggest that the heterogeneity of the disintegration cost and the tightness of the cost constraint significantly affect the optimal disintegration strategy. We demon- strate that, in contrast to the classical hub node strategy, low-cost nodes play a key role in the optimal disintegration strategies if the cost constraint is tight and the disintegration cost is strongly heterogeneous.